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All Hands On Deck

Scot began working on sailboats in Alameda as an afterschool job when he was a freshman at Alameda High School in 1978.  In those days schools had shop classes and Scot took full advantage of that resource! Wood shop, Plastics, Machine shop, Automotive shop, Welding, Electronics, Projective Geometry, Blueprints & Drafting. He found that working on sailboats and boating brought all these subjects into focus.

Scot apprenticed under his Cousin, Master Craftsman, Educator, Entrepeneur, Jac Campbell who inspired many Alamedans as a Teacher/ Mentor at Alameda’s Encinal High School. To this day, Scot carries forward Jac’s efforts to inspire people, and to make SHIP happen.

Denise grew up in the South Bay with her family of Jet Boaters and water skiers.  Spending most weekends and summer months on the Delta and many West Coast lakes boating and water skiing with family and friends, boating became second nature to her.  Having belonged to the San Jose Boat & Ski Club since a young girl she held office in each position of the Club until it’s closing in 1996. Denise lived in Capitola by The Sea for several years before moving to Alameda in 2000 and continued her boating escapades on various power boats and sailing in the San Francisco Bay.

When Denise and Scot met and developed a relationship they quickly learned that they shared a passion and desire to be in and around boats and the boating community; they took a leap of faith and started All Hands On Deck in June of 2014.

We believe in starting at the beginning; “think thrice, measure twice, cut once”.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  If it’s wrong, make it right.