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Deck Hands Maintenance

Deck Hands are here to listen to you and assist you in maintaining your vessel.  We are quite versatile and can help you everywhere from your motor to your rigging.


Corrosion Abatement & Refurbishing

Make your engine room and bilge area something to be proud of with environmentally safe corrosion removal system. Bilge, engine and through hull valve service & cleaning.




“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

In 1901, a Minnesota newspaper reported that President Theodore Roosevelt wanted his warships on the move, and that they would rust and rot if left in the harbor. Twenty-seven years later, a professor by the name of John A. Shedd solidified Roosevelt’s sentiment into a pithy, memorable quote to share with the world, reminding us that great experiences are sometimes found over the horizon. Just as ships are meant to sail the seas, so too are we meant to explore new ideas and experiences. It can take courage to leave life’s safe harbors, but the reward for such bravery is a life well-lived.

John A. Shedd – Daily Inspiration